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i'm willing to make a smoke detection alarm system

and Field tests will be done on the construction site

but it's hard to get CCTV video data of construction site and construction site video that contains smoke

example: youtube

The video I'm looking for is CCTV video from the construction site.

It's okay if there's no smoke in the video for now i really need any CCTV video of construction site

view angle, distance, construction kind, resolution, video length, quantity is not considered

anyone know where can I get?? or how to search

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    That is nice example video, but questions on SE sites should contain all essential information in them. Please edit your question and describe what you want. Especially: with and/or without the detection rectangle, how many videos, video size/resolution? Please read What a good request looks like – Jan Doggen Apr 29 at 7:10

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