We can download the results of a Wikidata Query as "JSON file" or "JSON file (verbose)"

Example link of random query: http://w.wiki/WQ.

I am developing a javascript software which retrieves some data from the Wikidata Query. But when I get the JSON, it is the same as the "JSON file (verbose)", but I really don't need/want all the other data that comes together.

Which argument should I pass in the URL to get the non-verbose JSON?

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    You can't download them. Simple JSON is generated from full JSON in your browser using something like this. Commented Apr 24, 2019 at 22:25

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I'm not aware of a parameter to get this non-verbose data from the API, but you can simplify it using a lib such as wikidata-sdk, more specifically the wdk.simplify.sparqlResults function

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