I need a dataset with at least 150 observations of annual income vs weight for the US. Other variables like age, gender, marital status, height, region, etc. would be great.

  • Since you have tagged this with [data.gov] I have added US to your question. Still, your question could do with better info. Please read What a good request looks like and edit your question. – Jan Doggen Mar 19 at 8:27
  • These are some ambiguities in your question that it might be helpful to clarify (by editing your question, not by adding a comment). (1) Do you mean that you want records for 150 individuals, or do you, at the other extreme, want annual data for 10 years for only 15 individuals? Please clarify whether you are only looking for US data, or whether the data.gov tag was merely intended as a possibility? And are you looking for household income or personally attributable income? – user02814 Mar 20 at 2:09

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