There are many web sites that define predator-prey relationships and give a small number of examples. I also saw this post Where can I find biological time series data? but that seems to be more focused on the number of predators vs the number of prey as a time-series. I just want the relations like

pelicans eat trout; 
trout eat mullet
eagles eat rattlesnakes
rattlesnakes eat mice
mice eat beetles

But I would like this for a large number of animals. Does anyone know of a long list?


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I finally found a good source for this type of data. In the data sets associated with the Pajek Project you can find links to these FoodWeb Datasets. The actual relationships are given by indices, but there is a key for decoding them. For example, in the cypdry.paj file, 15 39 means that Great Blue Herons eat Crayfish. You will have to do some work, but the information is there.

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