I don't understand why this SPARQL queries produce duplicates:

SELECT DISTINCT ?WikidataItem ?itemLabel
  ?WikidataItem rdfs:label ?itemLabel. 
  ?WikidataItem ?label "Mozilla Firefox"@en.  

Try it here.

Is it producing a row of output in every language? How can I change my query in order for it to produce only the single result in English?


I'm still confused about how to solve my problem, since I perhaps oversimplified my example. I actually am using FILTER(CONTAINS(LCASE(?itemLabel), "firefox"@en)) among other things to limit my query. How do I output only the English language label for each entry?

  • Do you need just FILTER(lang(?itemLabel)='en')? Feb 27, 2019 at 18:24

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Is it producing a row of output in every language?

Yes, you're correct: ?itemLabel match labels in all languages.

Try simply SELECT * {?item rdfs:label "Mozilla Firefox"@en}.

If you want to project a variable, use VALUES:

SELECT * {VALUES (?label) {("Mozilla Firefox"@en)} ?item rdfs:label ?label}

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