I am using the url below to query in a Java Program:


However, I keep getting the error:

Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL

Not sure if anyone could help.

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There are a few tweaks needed to get this query in shape.

  • The schools endpoint does not need to have the extension .json added to it. The API returns json by default, so that was the cause of the 404 error.

  • When filtering, such as you are on school name, those values need to be specified as part of the main query statement, and not part of the _fields parameter.

  • The latest data available is from 2016 instead of 2017.

I have rewritten your query below so you can see these differences:


Also, API keys should be thought of as passwords and not posted or shared publically. I have removed it from your post and my response. If you reach out to the College Scorecard helpdesk, we can help set you up with a new key.

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