In a project for my introductory statistics class, my students do a least squares regression on a carefully selected, measured, Olympic event. The event is selected so that the environment is extremely consistent each year (for example, a swimming event, track event, or speed skating). They use the gold medal times/distances/heights, etc, to extrapolate the gold medal result for the next Olympics.

I have been using theolympicdatabase.nl as the source for the data for the project because they list the gold medal scores in a concise, simple to understand format on a web page for each event. Unfortunately, this website is no longer being maintained. The last Olympics they have on their site is 2008.

olympic.org has the data, but it is harder to access from the web page. This makes it difficult for the students to try multiple events to find an appropriate choice. (I'd rather not have to analyze all of the events myself from this website to know which events are appropriate and which yield Pearson Coefficients that are too close to zero)

Does anyone know of any other online databases of Olympic medal times?

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