I am trying to convert large tables in PDF form to CSVs. I was wondering if there are recommendations for how to extract tables in which rows span multiple lines as in the tabula example here? My own data are somewhat simpler in that there are no subheaders, but the same issue arises - rows spanning multiple lines. Thank you in advance for your suggestions! This is what I've tried on the example given above:


# specify filename
file <- '~/Desktop/atipp_coordinators_govt_agencies.pdf'

# read file
out1 <- extract_tables(file, output = "data.frame",
method = 'lattice', pages=2)

Unfortunately, the multi-line row is read into separate rows.

  • This question belongs on Super User. But you'd better explain tabula in your post. – user4293 Feb 7 '19 at 8:31

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