How can we get the dosage list for a particular drug. we have the key "dosage_forms_and_strength" but it gives a single string not in a list format. I need to bind a dropdown for dosage information for a drug

  • Where did you get this data from? Can you show an example of what exactly you're looking for and what authority might have it? Jan 10, 2019 at 16:24

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When using the openFDA Drug Label API, you can obtain the drug's NDC product code. For example, using Amoxicillin from your other question, NDC code would be 50090-0714: https://api.fda.gov/drug/label.json?search=openfda.generic_name:Amoxicillin

"openfda": {
    "product_ndc": [

Then you can query the openFDA NDC API using the product code obtained above, such as: https://api.fda.gov/drug/ndc.json?search=product_ndc:50090-0714. The API will provide you with structured information about the product's packaging, which you can use to build your dropdown:

"packaging": [
      "marketing_start_date": "20141128",
      "package_ndc": "50090-0714-0",
      "description": "20 TABLET, FILM COATED in 1 BOTTLE (50090-0714-0)",
      "sample": false

Hope this helps.


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