I'm looking to find all casualties with officer involvement, whether they were detained, tasered, or shot. Is there any official government source that tracks this and makes the data public?

I see the Bureau of Justice Statistics tracks this with their "Arrest-Related Deaths" using "Arrest-Related Death Report (CJ-11A)". But I can't find the list of CJ-11A filings in the United States? Are they public?

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Not yet; the FBI announced they will launch one in 2019-01.
There are a number of fourth estate/civic activist databases, but no authoritative, government database, that I am aware of.


I do some research in this area. Albert has the right idea. There are at least three major community-based ones: The Counted, Mapping Police Violence, and Fatal Encounters. The best formal government database I am aware of is the Violent Death Reporting System - it has perks over National Vital Records, but until very recently not all states reported.

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