Recently I 've read this paper https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/research.google.com/en//pubs/archive/42542.pdf.

Main topic is how to optimize with Machine Learning PUE (power usage effectiveness) of a data center. I wanna try to implement it. Anyone know an open dataset of this kind? For example , this is a list of features author used in their paper:

  1. Total server IT load [kW]
  2. Total Campus Core Network Room (CCNR) IT load [kW]
  3. Total number of process water pumps (PWP) running
  4. Mean PWP variable frequency drive (VFD) speed [%]
  5. Total number of condenser water pumps (CWP) running
  6. Mean CWP variable frequency drive (VFD) speed [%]
  7. Total number of cooling towers running
  8. Mean cooling tower leaving water temperature (LWT) setpoint [F]
  9. Total number of chillers running
  10. Total number of drycoolers running
  11. Total number of chilled water injection pumps running
  12. Mean chilled water injection pump setpoint temperature [F]
  13. Mean heat exchanger approach temperature [F]
  14. Outside air wet bulb (WB) temperature [F]
  15. Outside air dry bulb (DB) temperature [F]
  16. Outside air enthalpy [kJ/kg]
  17. Outside air relative humidity (RH) [%]
  18. Outdoor wind speed [mph]
  19. Outdoor wind direction [deg]


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