Between 1941 and 1945, British Hong Kong (then a colony) was occupied by the Japanese, see this Wikipedia article.

However on British Hong Kong's Wikidata page, there's no mention of the Japaneses occupation whatsoever. It seems like it was a British colony or dependent territory from 1841 to 1997.

I'm willing to contribute to Wikidata to fix this, but what's the best way to model this short-term occupation?

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As far as I know, there are no methodological guidelines for how to model those things on Wikidata.
Rerardless Wikidata, modelling of such geopolitical endurants/perdurants/aggregates might be fairly complex.

Option 1

Thereafter, one should split into two parts all 26 Wikipedia articles...

Option 2

using the 'instance of' property

Option 3

using the 'country' property

Your question is widely applicable.

Perhaps you could propose the "occupied by" property.

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