I am interested in whether disease A is more common in people who have disease B. Are there any open datasets showing different diagnoses in the same patients over time? This would only need to consist of three columns:

| Patient Id | Diagnosis            | Date       |
| 389473     | Multiple Sclerosis   | 2012-04-07 |
| 294732     | Rheumatoid arthritis | 2013-12-21 |
| 389473     | Asthma               | 2015-07-15 |
| 294732     | Atherosclerosis      | 2017-12-21 |

Where patient Id is likely to be some anonymised identifier so that I can track the same patient over time.

I can then see that patient 389473 was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and then Asthma 3 years later and begin to draw conclusions about whether there is an association between the two diseases.

Of course there is the caveat that such a table will be able to show correlation but not the reason why.

I am aware that exact diagnosis is somewhat qualitative, so a coded form such as ICD-10 code is probably more likely, and helpful.

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