I am not too sure where there are "tribal" or "indigenous" peoples in every part of the world, but what I am thinking about are:

  • Native American tribal lands in the United States.
  • South American tribes in the Amazon areas.
  • Other potentially non-Amazonian South American tribes (not sure about this, but I think I remember learning about Argentinian tribes).
  • Australian Aboriginal tribes
  • Central/Southern African Bushman tribes.
  • Canadian Aboriginal tribes (Inuit/Eskimo are all I barely know of)
  • Papua New Guinea (though not sure they have lands)

Those are the only tribal peoples I am somewhat introduced with.

What I would like to see, but am unfamiliar with whether or not tribes (so to speak) exist in these areas, are in these areas:

  • Central American tribes (maybe Mayan, Zapotec, Aztec are considered tribal and have lands).
  • China/Tibet
  • Japan, etc.
  • Indonesia
  • India, etc.
  • Other parts of Africa, etc.
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Northern Russia/Tundra areas (Caucasians I think, though not sure if they consider themselves tribes with tribal lands).

Basically I am wondering if any data (shapefiles specifically) exist on the lands of these (potentially) tribal/indigenous peoples. I have found a complete map of tribal lands for the United States, but not for the other ones I listed in the first list, nor these potential tribal groups I listed afterwards.

This looked promising but the link doesn't seem good.

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I would start here: http://www.landmarkmap.org/data/#data-6

It has a lot of data for Central America and Africa.

It also lists that data is available by request for: India: [email protected]; [email protected] Indonesia: [email protected]

It does not really have data on China, Japan, Papua New Guinea, or Russia.


Not sure about the overall coverage, but the Ethnic Power Relations dataset family contains shapefiles on a wide range of ethnic groups which might be of use to you.

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