Been looking through this but haven't found anything related to shapefiles mapped to crops on land. In particular I am wondering if there is data on the plots of land mapped to the specific crops on the land, down to the scale of a county/town/village across the world. If not, what the major sources are and where the specific / detailed town-by-town ones would be if there's not a central source like the USGS or USDA (like if I should just look at the nation websites for each place, or whatnot).

Other searches I've done:

This looks like one small piece, but just for a specific year and place, and I don't think it's free/open.

  • i thought this was a duplicate question on here, but you specifically requested .shp/geo data so i don't think it is.
    – albert
    Commented Nov 18, 2018 at 1:01

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Census of Agriculture (Ag Census) has this data, but you are going to have to put it together.
It goes down to FIPS Code level, so basically localities, and you'll need County Level data, plus the shapefiles.

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