I have read the paper Understanding the Effectiveness of Video Ads: A Measurement Study (pdf), but couldn't find its dataset.

Does anyone here know about this dataset or another one that includes user behavior?

Our data set is one of the most extensive cross-sections of enterprise videos used in a scientific study of this kind. The data used in our analysis was collected from 33 video providers over a period of 15 days consisting of 362 million videos and 257 million ad impressions that were watched by 65 million unique viewers located across the world. They used an Akamai client-side media analytics plugin.

  • @JanDoggen Thank you for your edit. I have found the dead-link file Akamai Media Analytics. I understand that is a massive dataset but I want to have a small part of this to do a small research. – phong Nov 16 '18 at 6:19

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