In a keynote speech to the Dutch DeltaCongres 2018 architect Reinier de Graaf stated that the average lifetime of buildings is decreasing. He gave some examples of ages of buildings/districts showing that trend.
That was an interesting thought, but I would like to see some actual data to back that up, so that this cannot be done away with as a case of cherry picking.

So, I am looking for:

  • The average age a building lasts before it is torn down*
  • For houses as well as other buildings. If the data is limited to residential buildings only, fine.
  • For Western societies
  • Since approximately 1600. That cutoff is a bit arbitrary and could differ between e.g. the US and Europe. (When did we really start constructing buildings on a large scale?)

Any data format is fine.

* Note the torn down criterion. If we just map the current age of buildings (like done here for The Netherlands) we will get a very skewed result, because most buildings were built recently and they have not yet reached the end of their lives.

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