Is there an open source database that lists every website on the internet in order of traffic and programming language? I am looking for something similar to

  • Your link appears to be a site with very odd twisted JS, suggesting a possible hacking/malware site. To answer your question, may help you figure what programming language a site is using (but only indirectly, by looking at suffixes such as .php, .asp, etc). Re traffic, does this, but their data isn't free. – Barry Carter Nov 8 at 20:05
  • What do you mean my link "appears to be a site with very odd twisted JS" – Cody Rutscher Nov 9 at 3:17
  • Are you talking about I ran it on and it came back clean. – Cody Rutscher Nov 9 at 3:23
  • Appears to be working fine now. – Barry Carter Nov 9 at 4:19

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