I'm following the NWS API documentation and am unable to get marine forecasts via the API such as this https://forecast.weather.gov/shmrn.php?mz=LMZ362&syn=LMZ300 I've tried several different calls using the prescribed method /zones/{type}/{zoneId}/forecast These are the calls I have attempted to make without success...


Is the API down or am I misunderstanding the instructions?

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    I get "Unexpected Problem" in the JSON results when I try this. The weather.gov API is terrible: it returns "current" observations that are several hours old, and has known issues: some are listed at weather.gov/documentation/services-web-api under "known issues", but it's actually a lot worse than that. As the "Specifications" section of the same page notes, "Important! Only the following endpoints are considered operational [...] /alerts/*". Try doing api.weather.gov/gridpoints/ABQ/102,118/forecast (with your own city/gridpoint), or just switch to something like AERIS. – Barry Carter Oct 7 '18 at 18:26

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