Is there a way to obtain an SSL Certificate for use with OpenFDA which would have a validity longer than 90 days? We have developed a small query using the OpenFDA API within our corporate information system... unlike a desktop browser based request, this requires the prior installation of a valid SSL Certificate in our backend system (it does not get updated automatically as happens with desktop browsers). Our support team is not excited about having to perform this task on a quarterly basis... does anyone know of a way to obtain a Certificate with a longer validity?

  • I do not understand the issue. The cert for api.fda.gov expires on December 15, 2018 and will be renewed automatically -- no action required on your part. If you have installed openFDA on your premises, then SSL certs would be managed by your system administrators -- openFDA per se does not enforce SSL leaving that to the Web service/API gateway that sits in front of the API. – Denis Krylov Oct 2 '18 at 19:10

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