Is there a gov API or dataset that I can get, on newly formed businesses? Data like biz name, address, tax ID, owner name, type of business (restaurant, laundromat...) etc?

  • localities typically print this information; sba does annual reports but not to the detail you desire. – albert Sep 22 '18 at 19:06
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    I believe "business licenses" (sometimes called "business registrations") are issued at the State Level, so you might poke around www.state.xx.us where xx is a two letter state abbreviation (most states redirect this to something like newmexico.gov, but the 'state.xx.us' format should still work. – user3856 Sep 23 '18 at 17:33
  • @BarryCarter can you explain that format some more? state.va.us doesn't work for me. – albert Sep 28 '18 at 1:27
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    It appears my information is outdated. See 2nd paragraph of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.us#States_and_territories for a reference, but, yes, it appears to be "broken" for VA and maybe others. – user3856 Sep 28 '18 at 1:40
  • census has business formation surveys, but the data doesn't contain the details you desire. census.gov/programs-surveys/bfs/data/datasets.html – albert Sep 28 '18 at 17:43

I think you can use https://www.crunchbase.com

You can search for companies and filter as you need (it is limited for free use though).

enter image description here

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