I am looking for an API/software (free or open source) able to download metadata on scientific articles (economics) according to a set of queries (e.g., words in the title/abstract, keywords, JEL code, year of publication, and journal).

This has to be seen in the perspective of a systematic literature review.

The IDEAS/Repc (multisource) database contains the information I am looking for, however, I do not get how to systematically download the data.

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You can request an API key from RePEc. The above link discusses API format and another API for citations.


(just for the diversity of ideas)

You can download from the econ section of arxiv.org with several options for bulk data access:


For example, via the API, with specific queries


Or bulk download, and then filter down the results. This bulk method could be of interest because you can build a vocabulary of interesting terms, based on your original list, but iteratively adding non-stop-words that often appear with your original list.


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