I'm looking for a dataset of satellite image data of the USA that would allow me to enter a lat/lng center and get the satellite image of the area around the center.

I can currently use the Google Static Maps API but their licensing does not allow me to create products off their images which is a requirement. I am looking for open source satellite images that I can use to create new features for a dataset without any licensing restrictions.

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A major source for openly available Satellite Imagery is the USGS EarthExplorer Platform. This contains a huge swath of remotely-sensed data at the global scale going back to the 1980s and is updated in near-real-time.

An API for this available but it seems the URL to it is broken/forbidden. Here is link to a GitHub project (yannforget/satxplore) created to provide a Python wrapper for it. I haven't tried it myself but it looks promising.

EDIT: The URL isn't broken, you just need to register! https://ers.cr.usgs.gov/register/

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