I have a list of suppliers I need to consolidate. I want to make explicit that company A is a brand or a subsidiary of company B.

I tried to see if Wikimedia or other public sources listed on Google Dataset have a structured database with this information, with poor results.

Thanks to Open Data Stack Exchange, I know OpenCorporates, but they don't provide easy-to-grab CSV or JSON unless you use the API. I don't know anything about http APIs yet. (I guess I will learn about it if there is no other way.) That's only my problem, but there's more. Sometimes the link between companies is not explicit. For exemple, I know Rexroth is owned by Bosch, but apart from the name, I couldn't have known if I didn't know Bosch was also a company.

Is there such a database listing companies and their subsidiaries and/or their brands, at a CSV or JSON format?
Are there any that are free?
Are there any that are open?

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