I'm looking for a reliable source for traffic data in Beijing. In some papers that I've read, a particular dataset is mentioned. From the articles:

"The traffic network is located between the Second Ring Road and Third Ring Road in Beijing."

" 2-min travel speed data collected from three remote traffic microwave sensors located on a southbound segment of a fourth ring road in Beijing City."

" a dataset consisting of probe vehicle data collected in the urban network of Beijing, China, during one week from June 1st (Monday) to 7th (Sunday), 2015"

"north-east transportation network of Beijing"

I've searched the internet to find this dataset of vehicle speed in Beijing and found the following links in Chinese:



Unfortunately, Chinese is not my native language and I cannot explore these sites easily.

Can someone fluent in Chinese explore these sites and see if I can request traffic speed data of previous months? Can I email them and request this data?

Also, here is a contact and some emails in this link: http://www.bjjtgl.gov.cn/jgj/96629/index.html


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