To implement a classifier, I require labeled data.

The features I require in the dataset are the mass of the moths and wingspan.

Additional features antenna size and wing color(s) would also be useful.

Luna Moth : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actias_luna average wingspan: 114 mm

Emperor Moth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturnia_pavonia average wingspans: 60 mm (males) and 80 mm (females)

I also need the mass param for the other axis.


As you are looking for open data you may not get all that you desire and this species of moth appears to be found only in the USA, so you should be looking for websites recording species in the USA.

Not being an US citizen or lepidopterist my searching ended up at the GBIF website I also found this catalogue of portals type website which may be of use in future searchings?


The Encyclopedia of Life includes a database called TraitBank that includes some of these quantitative traits. For example, the entry for Luna Moth has a wingspan entry but unfortunately no mass. EOL is queryable via API or SPARQL.

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