I am looking for a dataset to answer this Academia Stackexchange question:

Are rejections usually quick?

I know some conferences/journals in field have been collecting datasets on the review process, which has resulted in some datasets like Paper Reviews sentiment analysis data set To answer this question though, I need a dataset that has more details on the timing, e.g. submission date, reviewer assigned date, review complete date, as well as if it is an accept or a reject.

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First, SciRev crowdsources and showcases data like that (but it is still sparsely populated, it seems to me).

Here is an example with IEEE Access:

SciRev experiences with the journal IEEE Access

Second, Publons should likewise have such data - but as an entity belonging to a large commercial enterprise, I fear they will not make their granular data available publicly. You could nevertheless browse around to see how useful the website is for your purpose.

Third, Academic Accelerator seems to collect such data as well (again, here is an example with IEEE Access).

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