As an arbitrary example, note this page is CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio's Standards & Practices on Investigative Journalism. Note the section on Data Journalism (which is silent on Open Data).

I'm looking for a similar document online for any major media outlet that clearly addresses Open Data in the contemporary sense.

Perhaps the example states something like: "When Open Data is used relating to a story, we provide a link to the data and the license, in accordance with the stated licensing terms of the provider". (I'm not a journalist but hopefully readers will get the idea. I'm coming at this from the Open Data perspective.)

Ideally, it might even say "We ask about Open Data as a part of normal protocol. If data is provided, but not as Open Data, we disclose that the story contains data which is not Open Data".


As you say, many organisations policies are silent on this: the only one I can find is the About page of the ProPublica Data Store. There are, however some less-formal documents that might be useful.

Simon Rogers, then data editor at The Guardian (now doing the same at Google), wrote an article on the Guardian's approach to open data in journalism in 2012. The Reuters Institute did a paper on the practice of open data journalism in 2015.

You probably already know that Five Thirty Eight publishes data for many of its articles on GitHub, so they clearly have a policy on this even if it isn't published anywhere. Source has an article summarising the open-data practices of the big data-journalism outfits including Vox, The Upshot etc. but it's a bit dated now (from 2014).

One useful thing might be to ask people (e.g. on Twitter) from data journalism publications whether they're happy to share any policies they have?

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    Thank you for this thoughtful answer. Interesting material, esp. the Reuters Institute paper. I'm awarding bounty (soon to expire) for the effort. Though truly grateful, I'm not marking the answer as accepted, because it doesn't offer a specific example "in the wild", and to encourage other answers on this thread. Jul 9 '18 at 0:02

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