I have been recently working on a project where we are building a model than can regulate the Traffic (especially heavy trucks maybe , so that we don't have a delay in the parcel delivery due to some unseen road conditions like rally, marathon, Accident, road block due to construction etc..)

(We already have the drop latitude and longitude, plus few other data cols, but the path may need to be modified in case of a predictable road scenario that can cause delay)

I need a dataset for this because I have spent a couple of days trying to scrape social sites like Twitter for this data but the maximum tweets retrieved by me are all giberish and they aren't helpful for this work.

So any better way to do the same, any blog post, GitHub links etc will help..

Thanks for your Time..

PS links I have seen and pardon me if it's a duplicate...

  • Have you tried Google Traffic or does that not include the data you need? – Barry Carter Jun 25 '18 at 16:53
  • @Barry Carter My prime focus will be on heavy vehicles (primarily goods carrying), and as far as I have searched the docs, they are ideal for normal routes tracking but here's the catch, heavy vehicles cannot always have the same route as other vehicles, so a particular road condition might not apply as it's shown by the Google api, Maybe I need to mend the information then with MAPS Api – Aditya Jun 26 '18 at 1:08

I believe Sygic can help you with that, see https://www.sygic.com/developers for more info. Just note that the APIs and data sets are paid.

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