I have recently come across openfda.brand_name.exact. It is getting the results where the brand name has to match exactly, i.e. also case sensitive. For example, the query


gives results but if i change the brand name to "infants tylenol" (small t), it won't return any results. Is there any way to query for exact brand_names, but with case in-sensitivity?

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As you have observed, the brand_name.exact query term is case-sensitive.

You can search on brand_name instead of brand_name.exact to construct case-insensitive queries. For example, these queries are case-insensitive:

  1. openfda.brand_name:"infants tylenol"
  2. openfda.brand_name:"infants Tylenol"
  3. openfda.brand_name:"tylenol regular strength"
  4. openfda.brand_name:"TYLENOL Regular Strength"

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