I have been looking for a useful resource to find accidents reported by businesses, preferably by an api. I am unsure if such a resource exists, but I am hoping someone more familiar with the data offered by some of these government websites might know the answer.

I have looked through many of these, (https://developer.dol.gov/) but the tables either seem to not actually exist even though they are documented to exists (https://developer.dol.gov/health-and-safety/dol-osha-compliance/) or the data available in the api is not updated in many years (https://developer.dol.gov/health-and-safety/fatal-occupational-injuries/).

Is anyone aware of any governemental apis that exist that might have the data I am interested in? I feel like I am going in a circle and am hoping someone else might be able to point me in the proper direction.

  • Can you elaborate a little on what type of accidents, and what specific data on those accidents you want (and in what format)? And what types of business? Please edit all that into your question. – Jan Doggen May 15 '18 at 19:55

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