I want to do some research about autism-spectrum disorder with electroencephalography (EEG). For that, I am badly in need of EEG data from autism patients.

Where can I find such data?

  • Kindly I need EEG-dataset for autistic children
    – Dr Ashraf
    Jul 7, 2021 at 22:36

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You can request access to SFARI, which has some ASD patients with EEG data. SFARI Base

You can also request access to ACE.

ACE will analyze four key forms of data: • EEG Data • Neuroanatomical Data • Genetics Data • Behavior Data

I saw a reference indicating about 50 ASD patients are in the Australian EEG Database.

The Australian EEG Database (AED) is a large, secure, web-based, searchable extendable database with viewing, export and analysis features. The de-identified dataset, resulting from an 11 year study at a regional public hospital, includes 18,500 EEG images, demographic data, clinical history, technician's notes and the neurologist's report for each patient.

Researchers should apply via the primary contact ([email protected]) for the release of data.

Here’s a list of publicly available EEG datasets. I’m not sure if any have autism patients, but it may be worth looking at if the ones above are not enough.

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