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I'm looking for a global dataset of biomes but I need to cover quite specific categories that can be identified as termite habitats, as described in Sanderson (1996):

  • Rain Green Forest
  • Tropical Rain Forest
  • Tropical Montane Forest Complexes/Tropical Seasonal Forest
  • Temperate Forest
  • Savannah/Hot Grassland
  • Succulent/Thorn Woods
  • Cultivated Land: Farmland, Crops
  • Temperate Grassland/Shortgrass Prairie
  • Mediterranean Tree/Scrub/Highland Scrub
  • Desert/Semidesert
  • Eucalyptus/Acacia

Or any other land cover data that can be mapped to these biomes. Generally, any land cover data that is more detailed than the usual Forest-Crop-Grassland scheme will help.


My aim is to calculate global methane emissions from termites based on the methodology by Sanderson (1996) but possibly with newer data. For this purpose I need to identify termite habitats around the world.


Ideally a NetCDF file but I will do with pretty much anything (ideally in the resolution of 0.5 deg).


The mentioned paper cites the Olson database from the year 1989. If I step aside from the fact that I was not able to find the actual data (I did find some data but it contains different categories from those written in the paper), it's still a quite old data set, so anything more up to date would be appreciated.

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