I'm searching for multi-spectral high resolution satellite images for flood events.

I found a database of flood events at the Dartmouth (Colorado) Flood Observatory with dates and approximate locations (polygons) and I used the Sentinel API hub to download images. The problem is that images cover too large an area and I cannot find the interesting regions; neither can I get images of the exact same location for two different dates (to compare pre and post events).

Is there a way to get a free dataset of high resolution satellite images for flood events (pre and post disater)?

BTW, I want to apply machine learning algorithms on these images.

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In June 2013, the City of Calgary, Alberta experienced severe flooding.

The City has made very high resolution orthophoto mosaics available at no cost on their website. The licences specifies non-commercial use - see the links below for the specifics.

One was captured during the flood (not necessarily at the peak) and another was captured a few months later. Note - this imagery is aerial rather than satellite.

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