I am looking for any data/information regarding new and planned grocery stores in the US. Or specifically the Pacific Northwest.


Check out our business data at Datafiniti. We don't have data on planned stores, but we do have location data for pretty much every grocery store in the US.

A call to our API like:

    "query": "categories:(\"grocery store\" OR \"grocery stores\") AND country:US" 

returns 201,567 matches.

Here's an example record:

        "address": "1551 W St Marys Rd",
        "categories": [
            "Grocery Store",
            "Grocery Stores"
        "city": "Tucson",
        "country": "US",
        "dateAdded": "2017-06-30T05:17:32Z",
        "dateUpdated": "2017-09-22T20:40:56Z",
        "hours": [
                "day": "Monday - Sunday",
                "hour": "6:00 AM - 12:00 AM"
        "keys": [
        "latitude": "32.2277",
        "longitude": "-110.9980",
        "name": "Safeway",
        "phones": [
        "postalCode": "85745",
        "province": "AZ",
        "websites": [
        "id": "AVz3bszsFcQ3k02bDdBy"

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