Had a look on OSM and various sources on google, however, there does not appear to be any obvious websites.

I specially want the number 52 bus route for this current task but if there is a general mechanism or website with other routes on this will be helpful in the future.

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While it's not publicly noted, it would appear that all the shapefiles are available in GEOJSON format at urls with the following structure:


For instance, https://ccts.arcticapi.com/network/operators/CB/lines/9A/shapes and https://ccts.arcticapi.com/network/operators/CB/lines/4/shapes for lines 9A and 4, respectively. The specific shapefile for the #52 line requested is located here

This is a good example of data that is effectively public but not explicitly published, and a formal request to include it in https://foi.cardiff.gov.uk/eng/Pages/OpenData_All.aspx or another appropriate public open data portal may be prudent.

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