I need the list of tagnames, interface names, attributes of each tagname (the name and the type) and the relations between them.

The info at https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/ is unformated and in an unprocessable format.

The "Index elements" from HTML 5.1 2nd Edition at w3.org have better info but not in a structured format (json, csv, xml, etc).

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    You could try to find unofficial DTD or XSD for HTML5. – Stanislav Kralin Mar 14 at 19:07
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HTML is machine-readable/can be parsed, so not sure what you mean by "unprocesable". The document containing the information you desire may as well be valid markup, but more importantly proves its parseable.

Alternatively, if you view source, there is a script html-dfn.js, and if you follow that you can see that it calls xrefs.json, which I'm assuming renders those pages.

Alternatively, alternatively, WHATWG offers a very non-open data format flavor ala PDF which is visible form the main navigation.

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    Yes I can parse w3.org/TR/html51/fullindex.html#index-elements, but I hope is there an open structured format – Emilio Platzer Mar 14 at 18:12
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    yes, the document you submitted is an open (well) structured format. but i also linked to JSON that has the same content/data. – albert Mar 14 at 19:43
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    Thanks for your answer. I search for accept-charset in xrefs.json for example. It is very dark for me the content. – Emilio Platzer Mar 14 at 20:00
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    what did your search return? mine shows 7 results – albert Mar 14 at 22:17

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