I want to know where I can find detailed, current and authoritative (ie. government) data about all of Cameroons subdivisions and the number of inhabitants in each (ie. census data).

I know that Cameroon is divided into 10 regions, which are in turn divided into departments, which are in turn divided into communes, which in turn consist of villages, and even neighborhoods have their names. Often names exist in English as well as French. I want to know the official names of all of them and the number of people living in each.

I have come across a number of documents online (but am not allowed to post links to them):

  • United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (official but incomplete)
  • Village Dictionary of Donga-Mantung Division (official but neither current nor complete)
  • Joshua Project (inofficial and neither current nor complete)

Data for the Northwest Region and it's subdivisions is of particular interest to me.


You can use GADM:


For Cameroon there are 4 levels:

  • Level 0 the country border
  • Level 1 region
  • level 2 departement
  • level 3 Arrondissement


In order to get the population per level you can take two approaches:

  1. use a global dataset such as gridded population of the world and calculate zonal statistics. http://sedac.ciesin.columbia.edu/data/collection/gpw-v4
  2. Try to find a local census and join the tabular data to the shapefile attribute table. http://cameroon.opendataforafrica.org/rfdefze/census-data
  • Unfortunately GADM does not provide any data below the level of Arrondissement.
    – Manisha
    Feb 27 '18 at 3:46

The Répertoire actualisé des villages du Cameroun provides

  • authoritative (Centre Population et Développement, Université Paris Descartes, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement),
  • detailed (Régions > Départements > Arrondissement > Quartiers / Villages) and
  • current (2005)

data about the number of inhabitants for all subdivisions of Cameroon.

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