I am looking for vector data outlining the agricultural field boundaries in the UK (Specifically Scotland, England and Wales). I have tried all sources of open source data I can find and looked at Ordnance Survey Data.

Ordnance Survey have the data however they package it as part of the Vectormap Local data which costs in excess of £800k for the UK. The actual sub layer is called Rural Boundaries when the Shapefile is extracted.

I need the vector file to allow me to trial an analysis of agricultrual fields. I would like to colourcode the fields dependant on intersecting designations such as flood risk or greenbelt.

If anyone can help, I would be very grateful.


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If you set the map scale to 1:10,000 or lower you can see field boundaries for England, Wales and Scotland.


The usage is still protected under crown copyright.

enter image description here

The other option is to extract from Environment Agency (Opendata) Lidar to get a field boundary dataset - this will be time consuming and require data clean up.


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