In the Illinois State Report Cards data for schools, there are fields that refer to 'Subregions'? What are subregions?

Here are a couple of reports cards that use subregions:

http://webprod.isbe.net/ereportcard/publicsite/getReport.aspx?year=2012&code=1501629902054_e.pdf http://webprod.isbe.net/ereportcard/publicsite/getReport.aspx?year=2012&code=1501629902059_e.pdf

So far, I've only seen subregions defined for Chicago schools.

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    Could you link to the exact spreadsheet/PDF that contains the keyword? I could not find 'Subregion' anywhere.
    – ojdo
    Oct 25 '13 at 12:35
  • I can't say for Illinois, but I know that in my county in Maryland, they're fixed areas for planning purposes separate from the representative districts for voting -- because the districts have to change with each census.
    – Joe
    Oct 25 '13 at 17:41
  • Just for the record: I tried, but my Google Foo was not strong enough.
    – ojdo
    Nov 5 '13 at 16:14

I think these subregions are CPS 'networks':

From http://www.cps.edu/fy13budget/pages/Schoolsandnetworks.aspx

Networks/Collaboratives District-run schools in CPS are organized into five geographic collaboratives – North/Northwest, West, Southwest, South, and Far South – and then further divided into 19 Networks, which provide administrative support, strategic direction and leadership development to the schools within each Network. There are 13 elementary Networks, four high school Networks, one K-12 Network that serves both elementary and high schools, and one alternative Network for alternative schools.

Network                                   No. of Schools 
Austin-North Lawndale Elementary Network  32
Burnham Park Elementary Network           36
Englewood-Gresham Elementary Network      33
Fullerton Elementary Network              41
Fulton Elementary Network                 30
Garfield-Humboldt Elementary Network      28
Midway Elementary Network                 36
O'Hare Elementary Network                 42
Pershing Elementary Network               31
Pilsen-Little Village Elementary Network  26
Ravenswood-Ridge Elementary Network       40
Rock Island Elementary Network            29
Skyway Elementary Network                 40
Far South Side K-12 Network               37
North-Northwest Side High School Network  25
South Side High School Network            19
Southwest Side High School Network        19
West Side High School Network             27
Alternative Schools                        6

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