I have a school project in which I am supposed to analyse how much trains are late at different rail stations. I can create an artificial database for this purpose. However I would really like to use a real data for this project. Where can I find the data in which train courses, timetables, arrival and departure times (and anything else that is involved) is present. The country is unimportant.

EDIT: I am not interested in a website or a system to which I will have to do web scraping. My question is about a database which can be used directly.


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The Swiss Open Transport Data platform has "Ist" (actual) data as a big CSV file, split into individual days.


For one particular day


each file is about 200 MB as uncompressed CSV.

You will probably need to use the fields

  • AN_PROGNOSE = to forecast (schedule)

  • ANKUNFTSZEIT = arrival time

  • AB_PROGNOSE = from forecast (schedule)

  • ABFAHRTZEIT = departure time

Here's a limited list of applications using the data, you might find some code on Github that saves you some time parsing the file


enter image description here

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