Transparency is "free access", frictionless. Even publishing in the Web, with no password required, we can imagine a gradation of frictionless. This access problem was posted at AskUbuntu:

  1. With usual .gov pages (URLs) with full-free access, we can do wget URL or curl -O URL to download the page. Is a real "access without barriers".

  2. With some other pages (eg. this one), with the same "free access needs", the behaviour is different, and we can't download.

There are a RFC (or W3C recommendation, or similar) suggesting or classifying whats is "HTTP frictionless access"?

PS: I need a standard that describes all the shades of gray between the "100% free and frictionless" and the "non-free access"... or something defining a kind of "best practices for frictionless HTTP request/response".

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