Is anyone aware of an open access database with companies/large employers registered in a given city in US, specifying registration date (office opening).

  • Please edit and define large. And you probably will not be able to get office opening dates, but only registration dates. I'm not aware of how things work in the US, but where would they (have to) be registered - don't these institutiosn have resources?
    – user4293
    Dec 22, 2017 at 12:43

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The OpenCorporates data is the closest dataset that I know of. It includes the registration information for many U.S. states, but not all.


There's a fair amount of corporate registration data on Enigma Public (disclaimer: I work there and legitimately vouch for it). It's organized on a state by state basis but you should be able to see the city where a business is registered within the dataset. Here's California, Texas and New York. We definitely have other states too - I would just search 'Corporate Registration' in Public's search engine and see what comes up.

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