In November 2017, the Keystone Pipeline spilled 5,000 of barrels of oil onto farmland in South Dakota. I suspect there is a correlation between the number of oil spills (say, per 1,000 kilometers of pipelines and per year) and the laxity of regulation regarding environmental pollution, so I am looking for relevant data.

Wikipedia has a list of oil spills, and that list also contains a list WorldSpills.com. However, WorldSpills.com appears to have a few issues in my browser (Google Chrome 63) and I can't find any information about where they get their data.

Hence my question: are there any open data on oil spills from pipelines? Ideally, these data should be available for free or for a modest charge.

  • "Where they get there data" > They provide references to a source for each single incident under References.
    – ulrich
    Dec 21, 2017 at 10:40


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