Where can I find invasive plant species data? I'm looking for GIS point data with the locations of the invasive plant species specifically. Not limited to one particular area or invasive plant species, just looking for a hub or good website to search for invasive plant species data.


The R package originr interfaces with the Global Invasive Species Database and many other databases that include lists of invasive species. It provides results for a given species that include information (at the country / state level) that indicates where species are native and where they are exotic / invasive.

The R package spocc provides an interface to many databases that returns geolocated records where each species has been observed.

note: Both of these packages are maintained by @sckott and rOpenSci, who deserve kudos for such work at every opportunity!


data.gov has nearly 1000 datasets listed: Search data.gov for "invasive species", some of the datasets have gis data, some are just PDFs. You'll have to do the picking. There's more reference material about invasive species on USDA APHIS, FWS, and USDA's Invasive Species Info site

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