I am making a data call against the data.dol.gov API using R and the following works:

apikey = ####
query = "https://data.dol.gov/get/violation/limit/8/" 
getdata <- GET(url=query,add_headers("X-API-KEY"=apikey)) 
results <- fromJSON(content(getdata,type="text"))

However, when I try to add filters, they don't appear to work. I'm following what was provided in the developers http://developer.dol.gov/accessing-the-apis-using-http-requests/

Using the following command:

query = "https://data.dol.gov/get/violation/limit/8/issuance_date/start_date/2010-03-15/end_date/2015-04-15"

this does not work, even though I feel like i'm following what was provided in the developer's guide. Any help would be most appreciated.


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