I need inter-EU migration data for the year 2015 for validating a model.

I want to build a matrix A indexed by EU countries where A[i,j] is the migration of citizens of country j to country i.

I looked at the Eurostat page Migration and migrant population statistics but could not find what I want.



  • Worldbank provides detailed data on bilateral migration only up to 2013;
  • Eurostat provides data broken down by broad groups of citizenship only.

Partial answer

Some members of EU are also members of OECD. OECD provides data up to 2015.

In the default view of "International Migration Database":

  1. choose Customize > Layout and reverse "Year" and "Country of birth";
  2. click on column names and select appropriate values. The table will look like this:

OECD migration database

  1. choose Export > Excel or Export > CSV.


  • OECD distinguishes countries of citizenship, of birth, and of previous residence;
  • Nevertheless, different countries count migrants differently.

Missing part

According to Wikidata, these EU members are not members of OECD:

  • Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Lithuania
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Malta

Probably you could find missing data visiting:

See also

This article looks interesting (contains some theory):

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