I want to see how religions receive and spend their money.


    50% donations
    30% rents
    10% subsidies
    10% graveyard fees
    40% humanitarian donations
    30% salaries
    20% buildings maintenance
    10% others
  • By "religion" I actually mean "religious organization", with local religious leaders at the bottom and a chain of responsibility leading to a central authority.
  • Religions without an organization are out of scope.
  • The income/spending patterns of a religious organization's Luxemburg branch and Ethiopia branch are probably different, these should be summed up to present a global view.
  • Due to complex structures this is probably very difficult to calculate, so estimation-based data is fine.
  • I am mostly interested in percentages, but actual amounts would be even better.
  • I suspect the last sector that "open data" reaches will be religious orgs. – philshem Oct 5 '17 at 12:50

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