Census.gov usually makes available the shapefiles containing school district boundaries. Due to the US government shutdown, census.gov is down. Does anyone know where to download a recently archived copy?

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    This question refers to a temporary situation that has passed. Should we remove the question? Or rewrite it to answer it for the general case of when Census.gov is not shut down? Apr 23 '14 at 14:13

1) google to find the exact website of the census.gov that contains the information you're looking for. google's search results still contains all of the shuttered web pages

2) paste that url into the "wayback machine"

3) choose the most recent blue circle that's pre-shutdown

Example: Here is the US Census 2017 School District TIGERLine/Shapefile Web Interface saved via Wayback Machine.

Note: the Census' FTP server will not save in the Wayback Machine; In very recent past, the team behind the Wayback Machine had started bypassing US .gov server restrictions in order to preserve sites/data, but for reasons unknown, Wayback is still blocked by Census FTP.

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