I have a geoRSS file that I would like to convert to geoJSON to use it with Leaflet. I found MyGeodata Converter (mentioned on What are the most useful formats in which to release geospatial data?), but it doesn't allow to use geoRSS as an input format.

Is there a tool out there that handles geoRSS to geoJSON conversion?

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The most versatile tool for geo format conversion is ogr2ogr in gdal. Here's an online front end that uses ogr2ogr to convert to and from GeoJSON, and it supports GeoRSS.


Yes, ogr2ogr does this job efficiently. Install, GDAL/OGR then run below command.

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON target.geojson geoRSS.xml

(here target.geojson is the geojson file to be generated, while geoRSS.xml is actual feed file. You need to download it before you run above command.)

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